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The idea of the community was revealed in March 2004 and was shared with Pope John Paul II before he passed away. After a time of prayer and formation, under the guidance of Perth Archbishop Barry James Hickey, the Missionaries of the Gospel (MG’s) were officially established on 23rd June 2007. At this time he recognized the communities status as an Association of Christ’s faithful, signed their Provisional Statutes and accepted two young women….

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To help people encounter Christ and His Good News in a personal way; to integrate the Gospel into their daily lives (actualising their great dignity) and participate more fully in the communion of the Holy Trinity.

"Join in the great mission of revealing Christ to the world, helping each person to find himself in Christ, and helping the contemporary generations of our brothers and sisters, the peoples, nations, States, mankind, developing countries of opulence—in short, helping everyone to get to know ‘the unsearchable riches of Christ’ (Eph 3:8)”

JPII, Redemptor Hominis, para. 32.

Fr Anthony MG Chaplain

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Apostolate / Work

Animated by the charism and sustained by the spirituality of JPII, the MGs apostolate falls within 3 categories: Evangelisation, Formation and Building Community.

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Through Bl. John Paul II, the Holy Spirit gave the Church a new charism. With this gift each member of the Church is being called to reflect on how they relate to God, others and themselves, how they bring the Gospel to others and build community. It is not a particular type of work, or a specific doctrinal teaching, but a special way of being in relationship. This charism was at the heart of the Popes great works and helps us to understand why he was so effective in his contact with modern man.

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Bl. JPII was a contemplative in action who showed us how our faith life can become personal and an efficacious part of every moment of our day. His spirituality was deep and multifaceted…

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